Fall Farm Festival

Sunday, October 16Vendor Booth Registration

Like many citrus families that have been a part of this community for many years, the McKellar Family love what they do, and they love to share!  So, this fall, we are hosting our first Fall Farm Festival! This will give families an opportunity to join us at Farmer Bob’s World, enjoy nature and the great outdoors, have fun touring the farm and learn more about agriculture.

We also wish to offer guests an opportunity to experience local products and small businesses and learn about local non-profits. We offer a 10x10 booth space for commercial vendors at $50 each. All vendors must have a seller’s permit, and food vendors must have all the necessary documents for food handling and selling. We are looking to feature local small businesses with hand-crafted or unique products made locally.

We also offer local non-profits the opportunity to have a booth at no charge by providing fun games and activities for children and families.

Please fill out the registration form below with all your information and supporting documents. Vendor registration must be in by September 15th.

*Wi-Fi is unavailable*