At Farmer Bob’s World, we celebrate the citrus industry and the amazing world of agriculture in Tulare County. Our county produces more than 120 different commodities such as milk, oranges, table grapes, pistachios, nectarines, peaches, alfalfa, and corn. With all this agriculture surrounding us, you would think people would know more about it. But many do not.

That is why Farmer Bob’s World was started. When people have the opportunity to visit a farm and experience the wonder of growing food, we see a growth in understanding¬† and appreciation for local agriculture and the ag-industry. We keep learning and growing our information pipeline to share practical tips for visitors to use a home and share with family and friends.

Our programs at Farmer Bob’s World, rely on support from community organizations and businesses and we would like to thank all our Gold and Silver organizational sponsors for investing in our Ag-education programs. Your support increases our outreach and gives more students, families, businesses and¬† visitors from around the world, the opportunity to not only learn more about citrus and agriculture, but learn more about our county and how amazing it really is.