Congratulations to the Gless Family for being honored as the first ‘Citrus Family of the Year’ at the April 22nd, Tree to Table/Dinner in the Groves at Farmer Bob’s World!

The Gless family have been growing citrus and managing groves throughout California for more than 60 years. The citrus industry is dominated by multi-generational family farmers who take great pride in producing for our nation and the world.

The Gless Family’s citrus started in 1960 with 20 acres and today encompasses 10,000 acres in Kern and Riverside counties. Janet and John J. Gless purchased the initial 20 acres in 1960 in the Woodcrest area of Riverside. John became well known as an expert grower and investors sought him out for his expertise in planting and farming. John J, Gless Orchard Care was born. By 1978, a fruit stand was erected, enabling the family to sell direct to consumers. Visitors can still buy fresh California citrus at his fruit stand in Riverside.

In 1992, the family purchased 160 acres in Kern county, expanding into Tulare County around Porterville and Terra Bella.

John J. & Janet Gless still maintain an active role in the company.

John S. Gless lives in Bakersfield with his family and leads the San Joaquin operations. He is a board member of California Citrus Mutual, the California Ag Labor Association and is a member of the California Citrus Advisory Committee.  He is also a trustee at the Biosafety Level-3 laboratory for Huanglongbing Research at UC Riverside.

Following the traditions of his grandfather and father, John C. Gless maintains operations in Southern California where he lives with his wife and children, who represent the fourth generation of Gless Ranch. That includes oversight of the Gless Ranch Nursery in Coachella Valley. The nursery was purchased in 2015 from Dowling Young, who for years supplied Gless Ranch with the trees needed for their farming operations. John C. is active in industry organizations, including the Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Committee (CPDPC) and the Citrus Research Board.

Congratulations from McKellar Family Farms/Farmer Bob’s World.

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