Thank you to the members of the Visalia Sunset Rotary Club for supporting Farmer Bob’s World with a Grant for $1,000. These funds will support an interactive brochure for children to take home after visiting the farm and experiencing a working citrus farm. There will be information from the tour and an interactive opportunity for children to have fun with the document and share with family.

We want children to remember their experiences at Farmer Bob’s World and take their learning into the future. Having something they can take home will give them something to look back on and remember what they learned, saw, and tasted at Farmer Bob’s World.

Thank you to the Visalia Sunset Rotary Club for supporting this project and helping us increase the effectiveness of our mission to foster the relationship between farmers, food, and families by offering a real farm experience.

If you wish to support Farmer Bob’s World and help us continue to provide a unique educational experience here at the farm, you can donate directly HERE!